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>> a massive fire caught on tape.
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>> this roof is on fire. you people need to move. >> tragic loss inside. >> a stolen car oust control at a busy baltimore city intersection. >> it was ssare receive. >> what the innocent victim wws do seconds before the crash. >> putting women's health at-risk. the discovery t an abortion ccinic that led o a doctor's suspension. >> slight chance of rain tonight and less humid tomorrow. the next time we could see some significant rain, in the sky watch forecast. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, his is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. tomorrow two doctors will fight to gee back their license to practice medicine. >> they were apparently involved ii an abortion, that crossed state lines. and ended with a young woman being flown to shock trauma. >> john rydell tells us tonight police have uncovered very disturbing evidence in this particular case. >> on main street in elkton,
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most folks know the lawyers and family doctors. but few knew much aaout this unmarked abortion clinic. until now. >> i was shocked. i wonder how many underage victims have been involved. >> police saa their probe began when a man and woman dressed in hospital scrubs showed up at the er of union hospital. >> a injured female brought into the hospital in a private vehicle by two doctors. she had injjries unknown to them. >> police learned the 18-year-old woman had initially sought an abortion in vorhees3 new jersey but the doctor had theewoman transported by car to cecil county to complete the procedure. but her complications were so bad. that she had to be airlifted to3 johns hopkins hospital. >> this investigation had only begun. the elkton police object taped a search warrant to obtain the medical records of the patient. but the other items discovered inside of this clinic caught detectives after guard. >> during our search, we found a chest freezer that was filled with fetuses, some thht appeared
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to be full ttrm. >> as a result dr. brigham hass3 been given a seeing and desist orderrfor services, in elkton, two other doctors involved in the abortion, have had their licenses suspended. they are doctor nicole riley and dr. george shepherd. >> nobody knew anything about this clinic. >> state delegate snowinggel wants the health department to become more vigilant in the monitoringgof clinics and doctors. >> we need to make sure that there are stricter requirements3 because ttis is horrendous to find this is going on on main streett >> in elkton. john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> desil county state's attorney's office will determine if the doctors face criminal charges. evacuation of a school. keith daniels is in rosedale where they are searching for the source. >> a saint clemens school in
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rosedale. uueasy moments. overwhelming smell of gas inside of the school. forced an evacuation, students and teachers sent home early. bernard humphrey was passing by when he noticed hazmat crews3 school. >> panic, when you see emergency equipment in front of a school. >> mergency crews determined the sewwrs. >> right now we believe it is aú petroleum product. the source or the gasoline. >> maryland department of environment workers are investigating. including examining gas storage tanks at a nearby royal farms gas station. >> it doesn't seem like ttere is an end to the problem. >> the same station next to sue's home and business. the smell of gasoline, last december, forced her family, to evacuate. >> gas-electric came out. said there was gasoline coming
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up from the sump pump in the basement into my business, that we had to ggt out. we had 15 minutes to get out of ourrproperty. and we have not been back since. >> concern over the smell of gas in the area. eight months ago. still lingering. thhs time, at a school. >> they really need to do something. %-over there.y with the kids >> again, no confirmed connection to royal farms or comment from the company this evening. meantime the catholic archddoceses said it would run air quality tests at the school3 before it opens omorrow. >> police are investigating a triple shooting in west baltimore. it happened last night near lafayette avenue and paason street. and 3 shot, taken to the hospital. all exppcted to survive. 3 penn station, has leftta man in the hospital witt a collapsed lung. three teenagers now face attempted mmrder chargee.
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as crime and justice reporter joy lepola shows us, one community in east baltimore is fighting back, to rid neighborhoods of these dangerous criminals. and they are counting on a higger power to ake it happen. >> in christ name we pray.ú >> in eastern baltimore. >> i am with you, in this. we are doing this together. >> a powerful group converges, at zion baatist church. among them are religious leaders, pooice, and politicians. >> we aae tired of going to vigils, for people who hhve been just maliccously killed in our community. >> across town, close to penn station, a near fatal staabing remains under investigation. a stabbing hat has left a victim with a collapsed lung. three teens are in custody. each faces attempted murder charges. >> some blocks have lights. some don't. >> stephen miller lives nearby and he remembers the night three
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tried to rob him. >> first thing the police said were you in the dark. i said yeah. he said what happpned. i mooed into the light they left. >> whenever there is light. they are noo there. i seeethe church as light. >> so in an effort to fight back. this group is embracing operation good faith. a crime plan that has churches taking responsibilitt for cleaning up the fourrblocks around them. >> now we are going to %-the congregations, with the community. multi-faceted including nightlyy walks through the neighborhood tooidentify problems, that all too often lead to crime. >> we are going to make a change. we are going to do something substantive and sustainable, rather than running from vigil to ridge viiil. >> challenge is sustaining the effort. and almost everyone ere knows it. >> wherever we are, darkness cannot stay. >> in east baltimore. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> police say they don't oh thiik the effort will put any
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ccurchhmembers in jeopardy. >> arundel police arrested this man for stealing under armour meechandise from comppny shims. last month they searched thee3 home of charles price in severn. found $20,000 orth of under armour merchandise. and he may have ssolen $150,000 worth over two years. he faces several theft chargee. >> a fatal fire in columbia leaves one woman dead and 1 manú with serious injuries at this karen paakssstands by llve at the treover condominiums, where, at least, five families were displaced tonight. >> that's right jeff. detectivee are still here, at what they are now calling a %-investigators don't know what, or who, left the young woman dead and a young an seriously injured..3 but they say it wasn't the firee >> you know that she is gone, you know, is just tragic. tragic. >> maureen birds grieves after a
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fatal fire leaves her friend f seven years dead. >> she was an angel. and she loved her kids. tremendously. >> birds lives here at treover condominiums in columbia. aroond 2:00 together, she came home. >> i was coming up, the steps, i smelled this odor. >> the fire larm went off. but burris thought it was a false alarm. >>i heard, you know, screaming, and some somebody kkockkng aa the door. so i went utside and it as her daughter. shaaara banging on the door for her mom to open it up. %-chiidren.fied victim has four the oldest h ad just come omeú from school. >> she kept on saying my mom is in there. my mom is in there. so i ran back in the house. and i calledd911. >> fireffghters arrived, but could not breakkdown the metal3 door. so they went through the window and pulled out a maae ictim believed to be in his 30s. ann rushed him to shock trauma with serious injuries.
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the femaleevictim believed to be in her 30s, was prrnounced >> what we believe at this time, is that both of them were injured, noo as a result of the fire. and we'reeworking to determine -he cause of the injuries. >> 28 people were evacuated. but no other units were damaged. as red cross remained n the scene, to provide help. there wereeno other injuries. >> i just hope and pray that she knew god. again, at least five families havv been displaced. and even though only one condo was damaged, no wood on when they ill be allowed back home. reporting live here in columbia, karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. students at loyola university are mourning he loss of a found unresponsive in her dorm monday.ú he was pronounced dead at union memoriaa hospital. the cause of his death is unknown. but he did have a heart ccndition. he wws aabusiness major, from
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massachusetts. >> the ravens are getting ready to open the season sunday night and they continue to add weapons for joe flacco. >> big one. sports director bruce cunningham joins us with the latest. and his name is too familiar to ravens' fans. bruce? >> his name is t.j. houshmandzadeh, and if you don't know that name, then you have not been paying attention on the last several yyars. as a member of the (inaudible). >> impressive. tonight he is preparing to put on the purple. after being released by seattle, he signnd with the ravens. anddantwan 21 bolden in an accomplished packed receiving core. win a superbowl. >> it is only 5 or 6 teams every year that have a legitimate shot. to win the superbowl. and that's just what people
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think. but you still lhave to do it. this is one of tte teams, even if i was not here, had a shot. so for me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team. you know, i am going to try to do my pprt. that's it. >> the ravens opener, of course, is monday night. here everything t.j. houshmandzadeh said today, go to neew. we will have more on ttj. houshmandzaddh, and the orioles look to make it five in a row, coming up at 10:50 on "sports unlimited". >> all right bruce. the question of the day. is t.j. houuhmandzadeh the final piece of a superbowl winning ravens team? 38 percent say no. mike writes, they will have a really nice offensive but defense will not be as dominant as in years past. they will have to put a lot of points on the board to win.ú bbt beth writes on faceeook. i cannot even say his last name. but we will go all the way, to dallas. just go to foxbaltimoreecom, and tell us what you think. sound oof through facebook.
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send us a tweet. >> there are a lot of events, leading up to the ravens' first game. scheduleethrough our website, of course,/news links. >>as we said the raaens re getting ready for the first game monday night. >> helping baltimore city students get ready for their classes. ravens linebacker lewis teamed up with wal-mart to giveeaway 200 bbckpacks and school supplies in northeast baltimore3 lewis spoke with the children and said fixing schools is abouú rrgaining respect. >> i was telling my daughter on the way here. listen, you know, you are a blessed child. come see somebody that is nottas fortuuate as you. she did not want to come. but she started to understaad when she got here. this is what you have to do. i was speaking to he kids about that. >> 11th year ray has given out school supplies. >> it is a dynamic thriving
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industry, it is accessible to everybody. >> controlling traffic on the internet. in tonight's cover story. find out if a government rule could stifle a thriiing part of our economy. ú% this roof is on fire.3 you people need to move. >> dozens of horses die. as fire engulfed the barn. see more of the video. and we will tell you about tte attempts to rescue the horses. next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> i am jeff abell, candidate forrstate's attornny duke it now the a debate. i will have the details, ii a mmmmnt. >> plenty of sunshine, with warm temperatures in the lower to mid 90s today. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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>> a newspaper vendor is struck by a stolen car as the driver tries to get away froo authorities. it happened at north and fulton avenues in west baltimore. kathleen cairns reports tonight. it is a very dangerous job. >> morning sun. >> from selling headllnes. to making headllnes. >> everybody is crashing everywhere. >> a newspaper salesman is hit. the corner is shut down after police say that the driver of a stolen car rams a van. >> it just bam. -verybody crashed. >> and the stolen car slam into a salesman trying to earn his keep on this ooner. >> hit the mannon tte bike selling newspapers. it was a mess. >> could hhve been either of us. >> billy sells on the next block. >> usuully stands right up ther. >> as he surveys the scene, he said there are haaards on the
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job. >>the way they put you in the median strip sometimes. it is kind of hard. it is. it is kind of hard. %-coming.ou never know what is >> this is what happened. >> melvin is empty handee this morning. he never had a chance to get his paper.3 >> very nice felloo. very nice. >> the injured salesman's cap is left behind. while the investigation moves forward. >> well chasing him with a helicopter. so that's the safest way we can do something. >> they have to get the bad guys, but they have to look out for the good guys too. around here all the time.le all the time. only thing you can do is hope and pray. >> in west baltimore. >> t is not getting any better. it is getting worse. >> kathleen cairns, fox 455news >> tonight 18-yeaa-old cavus vis is at the city lock up. >> 27 horses die, in this fire at the charlestown race trackkin
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west virginia. and it is all caaght on tape. >> this roof is on fire. you people need to move. the roof is on fire. >> the cell phone video captured by tourists visiting the casino nearby. shows the massive fire engulfing the baan before 5:00. monday. people that shot the ideo helped first responders to rescue as many of the horses as >> you could hear the cries from theehorses. they are -- they were just,,you know, talking at the top of their lungs. >> 30s horses saved. and the cause of the ire is under investigaaion. ú%ows why it could be rough this time around. election wise for the democcatic -arty. wall street journal asked 1000 people if they thought the nation would was going in the right direction. or was on the wrong track. 61 percent say the nation was on the wrong track.
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%-wanted to control congress.ú people were equally split between republicans and democraas, 14 percent say they are not sure. when you breakkown likely voters, republicans have nearly a 10-point advantage, 49 tt 40. >> the most hotly ccntested race hotter.baltimore ballot ot candidates for state's attorney dukeed out in a debate. jeff abell is live at the ú%ltimore school of law, with the debate. >> this is not the first time candidates for state's attorney duked it now the a debate. but with a week to go before election ddy, tonight they took the stann here at the law school. aad ppeaded their case.3 >> n the mute courtroom..3 state's attorney jessamy attacked her opppnents. >> only four years of his practice has bben as a prosecutor. the rest of his time he hassbeen mostly in federal court. opponent greg bernstein >> miss jessamy has not tried a
10:21 pm
case in 15 yearr. >> the law school hosted the debate that featured jessamy, beenstein nd land sea, all candidates for ssate's ttorney. there were six questions given to the candidates prior to the debate. onnjuvenile crime. >> as a result of sttategies that were put together, we have now had over a 40 percent deccine in aal of those categories, when it comes to juvenile crime. >> i don't think anyone sitting in this room, can say that juvenile crimm is any better than it was 15 years ago. >> state's attorney jessamy touted the successes of her 15 years in office. >> we have the highest conviction rate in the state of and if you are convicted of a serious crime, in baltimore city, it means that you are %-as you are in any otherprisonú jurisdiction in the state. >> but bernstein questioned both strategges.ú saying that her office hass3 failed in its attempt to
10:22 pm
coovince witnesses to cooperate. >> because of the state's attorney's offices inability to ssccessfully prosecute these violent repeat offenders witnesses are afraid to come forward. because they have no confiddnce3 that the state's attorney's office will be able to coovict the people that they are testifying against. >> with electiin day a week away. bbth candidates predicc they will win their case at the polls. >> everywhere, i go, enthusiasm and energy has been, frankly, ooerwhelming. >> i think we are going to win. i know we are. >> well, the candidates did agree on one thing. %-offenders, treatment, noo jail is the answer. we're live at the university of baltimore law school. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10::0. >> thank you, jefff with election day moving closer now. the debate over the bush tax cuts eats up. president obama wants to faze out the cuts, for the wealthy next year. and keep them for the middle class.
10:23 pm
but some republicans andd3 economists saying keeping all plan he hassin place. >> businesses putting off big have no customers. they cannot justify major not about to add capacity because the president ives them a few dollars off on taxes. %-have entered in washington.we we knowwthat congress will not be here for a lot of time. >> but the president's own former budget director is saying that even the tax cuts for the -iddll class are not affordable for more than just a couple of %-the white house, however disagrees. and of course stay with fox 455 news for the latest on the mid term elections. go to 2010. >> well beauty of mother nature, county..3 to us byken. ú-when it comes to news in your
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neighborhood. see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone if you wish, to %->> this september day felt a t like summer out there. it was beeutiful. >> it was. defiiitely more like somebody. summer. - think over 90. but officiil word omes from chief meteorologist vytas reid. it felt likk over 90, am i right?ú >> 93 degrees. with cooler air. talking about the temperatures right now. across the state. 82 degrees in hagerstown. 80 in baltimore. looking at 4 degrees in d.c. salisbury, cooler, and at 77. and it looks like we will continue to see the cooler air as we go through the overnight. but we do have a frrnt that will be building. onnthe shore, breaks in the clouds. as we have high pressure. but look at that front cooing. slight chance that could try to holddtogether and give uu dousing of rain. but right now the model data tells us that it will break up.
10:25 pm
but model data amayybe off. but monitor that as it moves forward. front comes through and falls apart over the mountains. as we go ttroogh the next few hours. so watch that closelyyas the system continues to move in. tonight, we will see clouds gathering through the overnight. 70 degrees. slight hance for a shower here and there. most part, winds will pick up.3 and cooler temperatures coming ú%r way. and details coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vyyas. you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactiie tools to track storms down to your street. go to >> we believe that people are afraad of radical islam. afraid to confront it. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. plan by a pastor in tte state of florida to bbrn qurans. one oofamerica's top generals say this is not a good idea. %-industry.dynamic thriving
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it is accessible to eeerybody. >> but next. how a government ruleecould stop / this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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from dial up to brradband the -nternet now makessthe information super highway look like gridlock traffic.
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could be llrgely attributed to the fact that it was unregulated since it started. but now that could change. and the gooernment could be megan giililand has more in web woes. >> nestled inside of a rowhome in southeast baltimore. colleen doyle creates work for the worrd to see. with a click of a mouse. >> i design the website, put it together for tte client. >> doyle has been a web designer for more than a decade. >> a lottof changes have occurred in the past 10 years. >> from dial up. to broadband. industry.a dynamic thriving and it is accessible o everrbody. >> and controlled byyeverybody. with access to a computer. the internet has been unregulated since it started. but now, web expert said that could change. if the government is given authooity to monitor what is called net neutrality. >> net neutrality at the heaat
10:30 pm
is the idea that the internet should be the same regarrless of who you are paying for, to get the internet. >> an example, is the recent google deal. >> googleeverizon announcee a plaa to make a google servicess3 wook ffster for verizon users. on mobileedevices. you can imagine how knox folks like microsoft and yahoo would not be okay. >> angaavantage that some officials say is unfair and needs to be regulateed. >> government came out. and said we are in ffvor of net neutralitt. we want to support the idea that internet access should be fair and equal. >> the question now, will he five person fcc board step in, and better yet, can it? some state delegates say it is not out of the question..3 bigger government and big brother, always has a good >> for doyle, the idea of government monitoring is not the ú%obllm. it is what it could lead tt. >> to have to wonder where we woull be today if fcc took
10:31 pm
control over internet bbck when it was still dial up. >> would the innovatioo stiillbe ú-would access and information e limited now? >> to see government kind of enter fearing with one of the components of the economy ttat still thrives. that worries me a little bit. >> what happens is thaa you are -pening doors that i cannot ell you what the effect would be. it coulddbb phenomenaa or terrible. we don't know. because you are giving somebody control now over something that for so long. net neutrality, inttrret salesng tax social security also on the3 table. >> both of them speak to the how small business can say compete ú% but doyle said this too could >> if taxation becomes involved, if ifps have to begin to raise rates to stay neutral to everybody, the small and the
10:32 pm
large alike. >> leaving ee small web desigg company struugling to keep up. >> i hope that three out o five peepleeddn't have the power to change an industry that services and employssmillions.3 >> megan gilliland, fox 45 news at 10000. >> and the debate is far from over. severaa ggoups say net -eutrality is a good thing. >> they say it would ensure equal access to websites, no matter whose network hosts them. for groups for anddagainst net neutrality. go to links. find out how your computer could help save the chesapeake bay. that's tonight's "word on the web". >> we're sending the message to %-talk..3t we can go bbeond %-ahead with a rally saturday by burning a copy of the quraa. we will tell you why.
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tomorrow. looks like we will see a few clouds around the aree. more sunshine returning throuuh the day. looks liie cooler temperatures around the corner. temperatures will go down. dettil today is the day i double down.
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double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good >> so as we said, it was a hot day. we are staying with hot temperatures righttinto september. >> high pressure was in the neighborhood that. helped to bring up the warm air. show you all of that in a
10:36 pm
minute. buu id you like the hot air? >> i like it.3 you know what, it brings out the sun flowers sooner. >> i like it. but i like the cool transition. it is in fall..3 you knowwhow iiam. it will happen in good time. >> you are talking about a michigan guy here. ú%ol, coollweather is cool with everything s cool with me. here is hat is going on. it looks like e have cooler temperatures on the way. relatively nice night tonight. right now the clouds are gathering. inner harbourr you can see 80 degrees after a warm day in the 90s. and you can see that right now, the winds reeout of the south-southwest at eight. and a little breezy throughout the day. but we will continue to see the breezeestiiking around as a frontal boundary movvs in from the northwest. humidity is 54 percent. we will continue to see the front pushing in from the right now, no precipitation but there is still a slight but for the most part it willin. breakup over the mountains. looking at this in motton. you can see how the showers are lining up over parts of ohio. froo pretty good thunddrstormsú south of cleveland, youngstownn
10:37 pm
as it moves along 70 there. i think, oncc it is in the mountains, it will breakup as it runs intt dryer air. which is high pressure. zooming in here. ú%uucan see heavier showers north of zanesvillee and good thunderstorms ver the normal is q yyu can see the temperatures 10 degrees above normal. no preciiitation as we saw dry conditions with the high pressure in place. 82 in baltimore. 84 in d.c. cooler on the eastern shore. 73 in dover. and oakland sitting at 70. bigger picture here. you can kind of see the cooler air moving in behind the frrnt. 80s in harrisburg and baltimore. 77s in pittsburg. 69 only in indianapolis. you can see the drop in temperatures. clevelann at 80. and 69 in indianapolis. 66 in chicago. so cooler air is following that frontal boundary. as it pushes in. warm air coming out of the south. wrapping around the clockwise -ooation f high pressure. that brings up southerly flow.
10:38 pm
taking the tempprrtures up. but we have the cooler air behind the front. showers line up along that. where the air is cooler and warmer. creatinggthunderstorms. as it is looer, slight chance for a shower scattered in the area. but better chances it breaks up. model data shows it breaks up clearing for tomorrow. and cooler temperatures with head down to texas. big state. talkinn about tropical storm hermine. right nowwwinds at 35 miles per hour. gusting to 52 miles per hour. they could see four to 6 nches around dallas, san antonioo got heavy amounts of rainfall. wrapping aaound of the gulf moissure, so this is stretching up to parts of oklahoma, alabama, arkansas, all getting flooding rain. so a problem for folks to the south. hurricane. it is losing strength. back at home. clouds gather. %-70 degrees.e in some parts. tomorrow, sun and cloudd. 86..3 and then youu fiie-day forecast. shows 78 on thursday. 77 frrday.
10:39 pm
we will ee temperatures in the lower 80s next chance foo rain, possibly on sunday. >> for eople recovering after hurricane ermine hit texas todayy video from south padre. it was pounded with heavy rain -nd winds uu to 65 miles per hour earlier this morning. the storm drenched parts of the -eeas/mexico border with up tefoot of rain. >> a gaineeville florida pastor pllns to burn copies of the muslim holy bbok quran on the anniversary of /11 saturday. pastor directly. whhte house press secretaryú robert gibbs saad any activity -f that nature, puts american troops and citizens, lives in greater danger. >> we know that type of activity has been transmitted back to places like afghanistan. where general david patreous obviously is ouu lead commaad. >> it would be trrgic if because of thii, one person died.
10:40 pm
but at the same time, we do not feel responsible for that. we are not promoting that. >> jones still plans to go through with the koran burning saturday saying the church is praying about it. more on this tonight on the %->> your computer could help to -> and you may not even now it. in tonight's "word on the wwb". judyykurtz reveals the new project puttiig more than a miilion computers to work. judy? >> your computer could be doing some tough work while you are out of the house. ibm announcing that it is usinn idol computers from around the world to help researchers study the chesapeake bay. the comppter comppny said that 1.. million personal computers will calculate data while owners are away. it helps scientists from university of irginia predict how commercial development, fishing and agriculture ffect the bay. the chesapeake bay bay project is one of four clean water projects that ibm announced today. be sure to use your computer to
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become fan of fox 45 facebook. joii nearly 22,000 other fans and look for fox 45 on facebook3 just to go baltimore. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". ,3 >> next on fox 45 news at 10:003 back to school means back to painful migraines for >> for kkds that suffer
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migraines, back to school can be more painful to them, than others. daniel singer is a 15-year-old, musician and journalist writing for the high school newspaper. but since he was in preschool, he has suffered from debilitating migraine headaches, several tiies a week. and school, seems to make things worse. >> ii is really tough for me to write, or just to do aaything ttat really takes a lot ofú focus. while having a migrrine. >> doctors say if your kkd important to have a plan. eating frequent meals during the day. and they get plenty of water and manage their stress. >> also today. major health awareness week.
10:45 pm
a group yoga session held at thú uniiersity of maryland medical center. to announce that seetember 27 through october 1, will be healthy city days. week long campaign ill feature many free activities to motivate residence to llve healthy, smarter and longer lives. also feature ravens stars that want to lead by example. >> you know, you ddn't have tt3 your health. you don't have to go out and score touchdowns. you can be, you know, anything you want to be in your health. it is important. eating the right foods. >> frre health screeningssand menu choices like thess oodúthy smoothies. i don't want to sound like elmer that'sswwat they are called. healthy eeting with a pedal power. for more information about the healthy city days initiative. iicluding a list of cheddled links..,
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>> the ravens have three pro bowl receivers. hear what the newest member of the purple and b
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ ú%
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks llke we will see ú%nditions setting up after the spooty showers late overnight. around maryland. may not make it to baltimore. 86 tomorrow.
10:49 pm
sun. -8 on thursday. and friday, 77 degrees. plenty of sunshine. kicking into the weekend. saturday 82. and maybe a slight chance of scattered showers sunday. -emperatures right around 82. and looks like we have a relatively quiet next several days. looks like a great start to the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> ravvns entry do you say the newest member of the team. >> bruce cunningham joins us with "sports unlimited". bruce? >> coming up onight on "sports unllmited". t.j. houshmandzadehharrives in baltimore. hear what he has to say about playing for the raveess and how much he expects to get thrrwn to. >> and cc sabathia was trying to become the first game winner in see if they could spoil the bbd. ú%lford mill, had two interceptions, 10 tackles and 2 it was the return of the prepú player of the week. cominn up. "sports unlimited" starts right >> in a very news like weekend

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